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I hate Outpost Beta on Turning Point

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This is by far my least favorite map. I just hate it. The time is split between two things...
  1. defending or attacking the final room
  2. running down a hallway to defend or attack the final room

And depending on your luck, you might end up spending more time running down a halway than anything else. This just happened to me. I went into the final room with a high K/D and a high score. By time it was over, my K/D had been whittled away to 1. The last 5 minutes of the game was merely die, respawn, run down a hallway, maybe get a kill or two, die, repeat.

Anyway, that's how I feel about it. Wondering what others think. I don't know what if anything could be done about it. I just don't like that indoor objective. It's too restrictive in its approaches. Plus you have the barrier between dark and light at the hangar door and it makes it impossible to be on one side and make any impact on the other. You have to commit to being either outside or inside. You might get a lucky shot or two across the hangar door, but that's all. Plus, if someone on Empire has Scan Pulse, the game's outcome is pretty much decided in advance.


  • They should have put the last point back by the fallen at at. At least then you have 3 ways into the area and not the sh*itshow in the hanger. I don't know why they stopped where they did and left so much of the map with nothing going on.
  • stop hating, sooooooo useless, no one cares u hate
  • It is very pre-determined in the sense do you want to die less or try to get a lot of kills? That is your decision. The result is pretty much Empire win ( after being creamed from the air outside ) unless everyone on rebels is running bubble armor :-) ie no hope.

    Poor map as too easy to defend , only chances are to send up starfighters and unload into the hangar for some . My guess is they wanted to avoid the rebels air dominance on last CP that plagues TP on all open Maps ( still on the to do list )

    Ive found a spot where you can just farm kills with grenades and splash damage as Empire and the angles mean almost nobody can get you - that is basically wrong

    I don't play TP on that map much as I find it all very long distance pew pew and boring and the long standing air dominance just is a time waste- Shame TP is one of the best big map game modes
  • Change up your star cards to the situation they are stuck close quarters too. I love that map and the last capture especially!
  • I have seen the rebels win this map only once, and that was because the room was half full on both sides and all the rebels immediately pushed from the second last base into the last base. It seems that if the rebels don't get it right away, the Empire can easily hole up in the hanger and then it is game over.

    I think it was a mistake for the designers to block off the third hallway that would have let the rebels enter from the back of the hanger, but at the same time, perhaps another clustered hallway is not the solution.
  • They could have easily made antoher Controlpoint at the fallen ATAT, after being in the hangar...
    It wouldnt hurt..
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