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I'm planning to update my 15.7.1 drivers to the most recent ones but i'm confused, on this link:

It says there's the version 15.12 version and the 16.3 version avaiable to download at the same page for the latest version released, which of them should i get?

My card is the XFX r7 260x


  • Sbroffage
    737 posts Member
    edited March 2016
    Go with the 15.12.

    I tried to update to the 16.2 but I saw no improvement and my windows (win7 64 bit sp1) started to show black screen randomly after the windows logo, needing a reboot.
    Since I have rolled back to the 15.12 the problems disappeared. I'm not even trying the 16.3

    I have a r9 290 4GB (Sapphire Tri-x Edition) overclocked to 1030/1400, and as I said I saw no fps improvements with the 16.x drivers, besides according to their release notes there's really no change specifically made for Battlefront; even worse, they acknowledged a few problems and they're still present.
    Known Issues
    Star Wars Battlefront users may experience flicker in AMD Crossfire™ mode on battle and tutorial loading screens
    Star Wars Battlefront users may experience ground texture issues in certain locations on Survival Hoth missions
  • Thank you
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