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Getting TFA on April 5th

Planning on picking up my copy of The Force Awakens on April 5th. How many of you are going to do the same? Are you planning to get DVD/Blue-Ray or Digital Download? Are you excited about the extra features? I want to see the deleted scenes. Especially the scene with the snow troopers. I was surprised that characters in the books were deleted from the film.


  • Blu-ray. Very excited to watch it again.
  • Planning on picking up Blue-Ray as well. Excited to see it again too!
  • Sorry Blu-ray not Blue-ray.
  • Blu-Ray for sure. Want to see all the extra stuff.
  • I am getting the Best Buy Steelbook (mostly because I have quite a few in my collection already).
  • Yup Blu Ray here, but its not released here till the 18th :(
  • PredatoryChany
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    Nope i won't be buying blu-ray, story need to be fixed. Hated kylo ren never liked him from the start when he killed han solo. Watch it twice in the cinema and i still don't understand the story??? I'm out
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    Definitely picking TFA up on Blu-Ray,looking forward to seeing the film again.
    We got a longer wait here in the UK unless you buy digital version.
  • deadbydawn
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    edited March 2016
    The trailer for the documentary dropped today. It's included in the DVD/Blu Ray special features.

  • It is coming 16 april here in The Netherlands... Rip :(

    OT: Can't wait to say the behind the scenes and deleted scenes :)
  • DarthOdious2002
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    I've preordered it but annoyingly I'm on holiday [vacation] from the 1st until the 9th, so I'll miss the DVD release but might be able to watch it on my tablet. At least I won't miss the Outer Rim release... (I preordered that as well).
  • I pre-ordered it and will arrive on the 5th. I saw it 3 times in the first week and wasn't able to get out to see it again so am excited to see it as well as the additional content.
  • Still several weeks off, but at least we know when it is coming out. Better than soon!
  • Blu-Ray. Excited to see the Table Read.

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  • I'll just be torrenting it.
  • Webn8tr_
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    I'm just gonna pirate it.
    The originals are still better.
    I wasn't to happy with TFA.
  • Kinda looking forward to the new Lego game as well. Hope the change up the gameplay a bit. "Poe to the Rescue" short was fun.
  • Does this mean normal DVD will be 1st or 5th??? I'm really confused as it only says digital and Blu-Ray. Anyway, I've never really known...whats the big deal about Blu-Ray? I've never got a BR film, always just the standard video.
  • DVD releases at the same time as Blu-Ray on the 5th. Blu-Ray has better image quality.
  • gio0079
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    I'm going to get the 2D + 3D Blu-ray steelbook edition. I can't stand digital streaming/downloads because of the low A/V bitrates of just 5 to 8 Mbps. Blu-ray is capable of 40.0Mbps, and average high 20s to 30s.
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  • Well I couldn't help it...I downloaded TFA and Bonus Content on my Xbox One Friday night. I guess I won't buy the Blu-ray after all. I am happy with my purchase. I watched the movie this weekend. I really enjoyed it! The Bonus Content was a nice touch, but nothing overwhelming.
  • With all the info I read on the deleted scenes, was hoping they would do their first ever extended edition. Sounded like a lot of cool stuff got cut for time.
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