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Hero Fighters

I've just got a brilliant idea :D if you become a hero, and pick-up a fighter (such as a tie, or A/X Wing,) if you're darth vader, and you pick one up, you get his fighter that you see in the movies, and the emperor in a shuttle with weapons or something, and Luke get's his (modified) X-Wing, and Han get's Nerf-ed Falcon etc.
idk, just something that would put a lot more diversity, and epicness to the game :)


  • I have to admit the idea of playing as Vader in his Tie Advanced X1 has been a long time interest of mine since release. Same for Luke in his X-Wing.
  • mhm I concur
  • LxTC_HQ
    603 posts Member
    No thats too unbalanced in 40 player game modes.

  • lol :) but they should try to implement that, it would be nice, and add more depth and diversity.
  • It would be nice if they would bring Darth Maul as a playable Valliant Character Lukes is so over powered and having a character like home could balance it. Also, he can move fast vader is to slow and an East target to shoot from long distance plus takes to long to cover ground on maps
  • well... first off, Darth Maul isn't in he original trilogy, "that we know of" and second Luke isn't over-powered, he has very little health compared to Vader, and he always needs to use his speed and agility to his advantage or else he really sucks and can be taken down easily. but Darth Maul would be cool but I don't know how they would do it :p
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