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EA battlefront next game

Hey do you all think the next battlefront that is to come out in the next few years would have single player modes that are better than this one? And what will happen to the servers once it's released would it be worth even having the game? What are your thoughts?


  • Kresa
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    edited March 2016
    My thoughts are that they need to fix the current game which was priced incredibly high with the Season Pass, and forget about working on a new game for a long time.
    They still got at least 3 DLC's and many updates to save the game, and if needs to then they should work on an expansion and not a new game, because at the current state i think tons of people will feel betrayed, being scammed and angry and that is never a good thing for your customers.
    If they Improve the Mission Section enough it can be very close to what many of the people were screaming for... Single Player content... Soloing... Playing with friends... There are many good suggestions on this forum and there is still hope for this game.

    P.S The multiplayer section of the game is still in need of some tweaking and patching but overall i think its in a pretty good state and should only get better which each new DLC.
  • Renzo_Ulaban
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    edited March 2016
    if the next game doesn't include full instant action and a galactic conquest campaign then it'll be this game all over again...

    how can you make such a shell of a game with a full universe of content? boggles the mind.
  • I don't know where to post this but I have a suggestion for the Death Star DLC that I hope EA are considering doing anyway. How awesome would it be to be part of the final battle in a New Hope and pilot a Xwing in the trenches to blow up the Death Star. I know EA aren't doing space battles in this game but think this would be a great idea just thinking about it gives me chills. If EA really want players to feel immersed in the Star Wars Universe and be part of the battles of the original trilogy this would be one way to go?
    Anyone else got ideas
  • EA /Dice know that offline bots and singleplayer modes are one of the biggest things requested for this Battlefront.

    I'd bet my life savings there's an EA advertising exec somewhere already mocking up the first press release for Battlefront II with "You asked for it, now its in the game...offline bots!!" all over it.

    Its the same model EA have been following for a while now. For some reason they seem to think that a step up to a new generation of games console means they can rip out half of the content in a game series, then slowly put it back in year by year, or charge you additional money for it via DLC.
  • Does EA/ Dice usually add fan requested content?
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  • Does EA/ Dice usually add fan requested content?

    Well they nerf/buff/renerf/rebuff everything per fan complaints, don't see what adding content would be a stretch.
  • Well EA did state it will only be an online game, and they are working on a sequel that may be released in 2017, or with the upcoming next movie. Also they will be releasing Battlefront for the Ps VR, thus they will be really busy this year.

    So my question remains, would the next Star wars also be online thus being a sequel my money would be another online game, I cant see why not as after release of this one the record at release was over billion units sold. Weeks later their titles are still one of the number one games sold. according to NZ game shop and EB games Australia.

    However I am still not convinced in buying it as I am a big fan of battlefront, but after I read there would be no offline play I cancelled my pre-order.

    So my question is is it worth buying buy now, even though I don't play online

  • leftweet
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    I could see them adding bots for this game with AI added in that's being built for the next Battlefront. I highly doubt EA/DICE would release the next Battlefront without a bigger offline offering, after the backlash from this one. I think that it wouldn't be a stretch to see them appease fans with by adding bots to this game and then building on that for the next one with essentially the same AI. Getting a two for one, for them.
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  • Yeah I rented it out at the video store, only played it for the night can't see myself playing it as a pass time thing. if the offline contents. Checking out Youtube for online gameplay looks mighty impressive. However again I just can't play online games, as I just don't have time nor Plus account and internet here is no good for online games.

    From your words I sense hope, and I have checked your facebook page, also your other posts, I have to say I admire your hard work for fans to have their voices heard. I guess I will hold off until there is definitive proof
    that there will be more content for offline play added that is not just battles or survival.

    Dont give up the hard work and if you succeed post it ever were you can, as I am sure there are many like myself who are out waiting.

  • I don't hate the game. There are times I really have a lot of fun. But there are lots of problems, and even being able to do the same game modes offline with bots would be a huge improvement. As it stands now, I don't see myself buying Battlefront 2, and I'm a huge Star Wars geek.

    After the beta, I was disappointed, but I think I got caught up in the hype of Episode VII coming out, and went all in with the ultimate edition.

    I realize there was a lot of work put into the sights and sounds of Star Wars, but it still felt really thin at launch, and even the good new stuff seems like it's coming out in odd order and in strange ways. I mean, it's pretty telling that they picked Nien Numb and Greedo for heroes, so they could reuse resources, despite the fact that you have a whole scene of bounty hunters that actually worked for the Empire, unlike poor, hapless Greedo, who only ever worked for Jabba.

    At this point, I'm not even sure what would be in Battlefront 2. It seems like Disney wants to play up the original trilogy content, but I'm not sure I want the same planets with slightly different maps over again. If they try to roll out offline bot play as some great innovation, I'm going to have a hard time not thinking that they knew they should have had more offline content in this game, but were willing to risk it because there wasn't any other major Star Wars video game coming out for the foreseeable future and they knew hype would drive sales for a game that was intentionally designed to be incomplete so they had somewhere to go with Battlefront 2.

    If they add offline bot play in this game, and do something really, really amazing for Battlefront 2, they may hook me again, but I'm guessing its only going to be slightly fine tuned more of the same, almost like this is a sports franchise that they can just keep pumping out with minor tweaks year after year.

    And I really, really hope Lando is on his way soon.
  • NightFury
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    Their next battlefront just needs to be the original battlefronts, mechanics and all with better graphics.
  • NightFury wrote: »
    Their next battlefront just needs to be the original battlefronts, mechanics and all with better graphics.

    And clone wars
  • ChadDSolo
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    If we get to the end of this game and there's no offline mp/instant action, even though I like this game (in small doses as it is now), there's no way in Hell in buying a sequel. Not without full offline mp.
  • Hey do you all think the next battlefront that is to come out in the next few years would have single player modes that are better than this one? And what will happen to the servers once it's released would it be worth even having the game? What are your thoughts?

    Won't buy it unless it has an equal amount of SP content.
  • Tobikun wrote: »
    Hey do you all think the next battlefront that is to come out in the next few years would have single player modes that are better than this one? And what will happen to the servers once it's released would it be worth even having the game? What are your thoughts?

    Won't buy it unless it has an equal amount of SP content.

    It's coming next year...

    You're joking right?
  • There is one DLC that is coming out in 2017 with no mention of the content. Yeah there is another star wars movie coming out next year sometime and there will release it at the same time it's in their MO to do so.

    However I have a feeling being a sequel, I think they will make it another online game also.
  • Here is proof the next dlc is the Death star, sometime this year. It's named "That's no moon" However its again it's online. So my question is will the next one be more offline play in there next sequel.. Check out the link
  • I am a huge Fan of the original battlefront games I feel the old games are better due to the mass content in them after playing EA battlefront I feel they disappointed allot of fans with this game with the content and gamemods some are fun to play but in my opinion I think they should fix this game before making another one do that and people will buy the new game Don't get me wrong the graphics n overall feel of the game you guys hit The nail on the head
  • I concur, After playing EA thought of the game as a rental of cause I quickly came to realise the game is lacking depth, content and overall concept from the name battlefront. Internet here is no good to play online, thus to pay I cancelled my preorder of the game. Sadly DICE are already working on the next one.

    In saying that I am like yourself a massive star wars fan who was highly disappointed with the business view to go only multiplayer when half the world have bad internet, thus I don't have a online account to play.

    However it did make me out out an buy Battlefront 2 on xbox, where I can get my fix and even better I have more fun with the classic than I would ever have with the new and well not impressive EA Battlefront.

    With regards to the next one I will not be buying that one as well as I have a gut feeling that it will also be online play, EA pulls the strings and DICE and to be the muppets to have to deliver on the deadlines, That is business and that is what make EA lucrative, it's all about sales and how much units they get out, not about what the customers want.

    Lucky for all of us DICE or EA don't read these forums as its no profit for them.

    And yes they dont care about fans, or the back lash, as it was the gamers you lined their pockets and they will keep throwing DLC's and the same online only games at you all.

  • Well in truth I am amazed people are still playing even now, with all the people experiencing lag, and other issues. Dumbfound to why, as what they gonna play when they have had enough of the lag, it could be days it could be months for an update to patch it, as they are now busy working on the DLC Bespin, in the interim the player are left with what offline play, I doubt it as they blow, the offline play sucks.

    By the Gods I hope ubisoft release For Honor soon, so I have a game to play so I can forget about this fiasco, and turning a fan big fan of star wars, to never buy another game that has the star wars name to it, it will take a lot to bring me back around.

    Thy god's man, ubisoft, release that game quick, or you will have me on your hands
  • Just as I expected the next star wars battlefront EA may have single play modes. Star wars Battlefront force conflict. Let's hope its some good , should be out next year
  • Haha yup, I totally agree with you. With all the nonsense of single player content to be added with this one looks like it will be added onto the next installment.
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