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Question: AT-ST Turning Point Outpost Beta

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I'm just wondering about how to use the AT-ST on this map. Whenver I get the AT-ST at the very start of the match I'm always immediately taking fire from turrets. Usually more than one. I try to move to safe spot just in order to establish a foothold in the thing, but there isn't anywhere to move that isn't completely out in the open.

Next, I've noticed that if I do manage to survive until the first round is capped, then I'm immediately being pelted with the in-game orbital strike that occurs whenever a point is capped. So after usually just a few uneventful moments in the AT-ST I hit the square button and bail out.

So, the question is, what are you supposed to do with the AT-ST on this map? Hope that nobody in a turret shoots at you? I've seriously never had a decent run in the AT-ST on that map. It's so out in the open, so exposed, and so far away from the control points as to seem completely useless. About the only thing I managed to actually do this last time was shoot a few rockets at the T-47s. But the other team capped the first round so quick that I don't even think I was in it for more than a minute.


  • shoot rockets and the grenades at turrets that are close before anyone even occupies them. that way they're no issue. because blaster fire doesn't do a whole heck of a lot. so unless you're facing an ion yorpedo loadout you should fare better. also if you still are getting pelted, you can be patient and wait by the imperial door just past the first hangar opening and wait for rebs to round the corners. would be safer.
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