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another AT-ST question

253 posts Member
Sometimes I am in the AT-ST and poof, I get "kicked out" of it. It's not at low health, and it doesn't seem to be taking damage. But I'm always completely distracted, trying to kill rebels and stay alive, bordering on near panic mode as I try to make the most of the asset.

So I don't know... could I be hitting the square button by accident and not being aware of it? Is there any way to exit an AT-ST and live other than pressing the square button (or whatever the button is on Xbox and PC)?

I've had this happen quite a few times now. I'm usually zoomed in, spamming my abilities, moving around all at the same time. So I seriously don't know if it's me doing this to myself or not. I have a demo recording of this very thing happening on the new Endor map. Maybe I'll post it here as a followup for evidence about this.


  • Virt
    21 posts Member
    I'm not sure but i disabled the ps4 touchpad in the control settings because weird things were getting triggered on accident. Maybe there is an exit gesture?
  • Cyonyde
    253 posts Member
    I know you can exit from the T-47 by holding down square. But it puts a big white circle on the screen and takes like 5 seconds to exit. It's really obvious when it happens and I always do it intentionally (say, with 10% health left in the vehicle to avoid giving away a free kill to someone). But that isn't happening with the AT-ST. I don't see any apparant indicators. Just... poof, I'm out of it. I will post this video. I go from full health to out of the walker in seconds. It's just a curious little thing that I'd like to understand.
  • Happened to me 1 time. But I don't get the ATST that much.
  • Deerber
    766 posts Member
    You can definitely get out of it on PC, so imagine there's a way on console too.

    And you *should* get out of it when on low health, actually. Unless you wanna die, you know.
  • I sometimes press E instead of 3 for the rocket and it ejects me from the ATST and Scuttles it ;)
  • Square/X/E will get you out of the walker in a hurry. Great way to survive dying when it blows.

    Just don't do it on accident.
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