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Introducing Hutt Contracts



  • Vilpire
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    Ne ompee doe gaga punta?

    Solo waga batha hah hah hah
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  • Lonnisity
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    @Sledgehammer70 Can we get a mod to close this thread or something? The announcement served its purpose.
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  • Hi everyone!

    Im new here and I hope to learn from you and share content and stories!

    Cheers and Thanks :D
  • Sumptiz
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    Where is the last card the ion netralauzer?
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  • I love the Hutt Contracts. I have now completed 8/10 of them. I am looking forward to more being added.

    I have a suggestion for future ones. How about upgrades to an existing weapon? For example, the DLT-19X upgrade would be a built in cooling cell allowing say 3 shots rather than one before overheating. Or maybe a better scope could be an upgrade to the T-21B. Or a longer burn on the jump pack so you can jump higher or further?

    Just a couple of ideas I think would be good for the Hutt Contract system.

    Keep up the good work, I am loving the DLC and am so happy I bought the season pass.

    As you stated, I also like collecting the Hutt contract (and any other figure, or trophy). As a hint, if you use the cooling cell star card with the DLT-19x, you will be able to accomplish what you ask.
  • Ro1972bert wrote: »
    I think the contracts are a geat way in getting people to change their play style ,just buying cards is easy now you have to do something for them .In this way you really earn the blaster if you fullfill the contract.And cards that were left for dead are now finnaly used for once.Dont complain play the game.

    The latest contract has forced me to play Walker Assault and it was fun .
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