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First thoughts on Extraction... and the rest of the DLC

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I've been playing extraction all morning and I can't even begin to say express how exciting this mode is.

As the rebels we just had a game where it literally came down to the last minute! it took us a while to down Vader at the final push point so we were scrambling to really push this thing forward. At the end, I pushed the shipment to go forward with about 10-20 feet left, defending it with my life while my fellow rebel troops were behind me doing the same. With about a foot to go I got shot down and as my body fell the shipment crossed the finish line and the rebs were victorious! I literally jumped out of my chair, waving my fist in the air and cheered!

I've never felt this satisfied with a game mode, both in victory and defeat. When you lose, it humbles you but also makes you fight that much harder next round. And when you win... man, it feels like such an awesome team effort. It feels like you're the Rebel Alliance on a super important mission.

The problem with most of the game modes is that people don't play the objective because the objective isn't as rewarding as just going on a killing spree. This mode really asks people to focus on hitting the objective, and by doing so it creates the most immersive online gameplay experience I've had with this game. EA/DICE nailed this mode out of the park!

My only concern is that this mode could become increasingly repetitive within the four maps. I really hope they can find a way to use some of the maps that we already have (Twilight at Hoth... I'm looking at you in particular) to increase the mode's use. I doubt they'll be as effective of maps as the ones in the Outer Rim DLC pack, but it could create a very different gameplay experience for this mode.

So yeah.... EA/DICE did an excellent job with this game mode! 10 out of 10 in my book!

On to the rest of the DLC:

1. The Heroes: I've been a fan of the heroes since they released them. I like that we are getting minor characters as opposed to the 'classic heroes' because it establishes an additional lore to those characters. I haven't had a chance to play with them a lot, but I really like playing as Nien Nunb. Greedo's a little more difficult of a player to play as. His 'shoot 'em up' ability was hard to make work for me, but I've always been a big fan of Greedo and am excited at the challenge of mastering him. EA/DICE did these two characters a great fan service, both by adding them to this game and by creating abilities that make me think about them as characters differently.

2. Hutt Contracts: I both love and hate this idea. I love it, because it does give us more to do and more to strategize about. I also think adding Jabba in this way was the right way to go, and clicking on the Hutt Contract screen makes me smile because it just looks like a 'Star Wars thing', if that makes sense. On the other hand, I am worried about not being able to unlock some of the weapons. I paid for the DLC, partly for the weapons, and I feel like making some of the contracts super hard makes it difficult for people like myself (who are kinda good and kinda bad at multiplayer) to have access to content that they expected to play with. So the jury is out for me on this one. I love the idea of free content being done through Hutt contracts, but maybe not for the paid DLC content.

3. Heroes vs Villains: This mode is the worst, especially on these new maps. You just can't move around well or strategize. I dunno... I don't have much of substance to say, but I know while playing the playlist I became super frustrated during Heroes vs Villains. It's not my cup of tea and I don't think it ever will be. So, for those of you who love the mode, I'm glad it's there for you to enjoy and play, but for this player I will be quitting the playlist every time this mode pops up (unless I have some challenge I need to complete).

4. Dioxis Grenade: This is the only card I've unlocked so far, but it's a good addition to the game! It adds a unique quality that we haven't experienced in a star card yet, and is just the kind of creativity I like to see!

So... all in all, my first impressions of this mode are extremely positive! I hope that the 'worried about' online community split won't be too much of an issue for the DLC going further, and if it does become and issue I would much rather let the DLC be free to all players so that we can at least play it with everybody instead of nobody. Maybe the maps and modes just become available to all players (and the heroes for extraction)?

I've been vocal about the faults this game has, but I also like to be vocal about what is great about this game.

EA/DICE: good, quality work so far. You really did amazing work here and I'm very excited to see where you take us as the DLC and free content continues to unveil itself. Continue the hard work and continue to make people giddy with glee as they experience immersive game modes such as extraction and take new heroes on fun journeys across the galaxy! May The Force Be With You, Always.


  • RogueKarp
    1003 posts Member
    One other thing.... I don't really like this playlist thing, especially because it's the beginning of the DLC launch. Everybody wants to play the new game mode, but instead we have to sit through modes we're not interested in playing at the moment.

    Yes, you can choose the game mode you want to play, but then you are generally inserted into a game that is halfway completed, which isn't fun.
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