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So just earlier I managed to run into a hero pickup in Outpost Beta supremacy. I went 48-1, and no, I wasnt camping. Nein nunb totally wipes the floor with the orbital/turret in this map. Now if this can be done in a reckless hero run, whats going to happen to those non-objective playing campers?


  • Reesh
    424 posts Member
    Haven't played the DLC yet as it doesn't drop in Australia till 3pm I was told and I am at work currently so can't check
    But I am so excited to give nien a go he looks really cool and I will probably agree with you once I give him a go. His abilities seem really awesome
  • I know right? Far better than Greedo in larger modes. Though I will say Greedo is vastly superior in HvV. The sheer damage output from his DT-12 melts the other heroes. Not to mention his thermal Imploder is pure ear candy.

    While I may not like the characters we were given, they sure made up for it with how fun they are to play.
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  • Nien is a boss
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