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When are the bugs going to be fixed. Announcement soon?

Basically I can't play the game so I would like to know when they are going to fix the problems so I know when to jump back on... Anyone have any updates about this?

I'm rank 60 and my game crashes at the end of every game.


  • i hope next tuesday but they haven't said when the were patching the bugs but sledge already said they were looking at the problems
  • I hope not next Tuesday ... I hope sooner. For me it seems like there are server side issues mostly not local game logic issues. That will mean they don't need to push out probably an update for most of the problems (maybe not all of them) and they can fix it server side. Just think about it (these are the bugs tracked)

    Credits Not Showing to be Rewarded: I think this is a server issue, as it should be transmitted byt he server the number of points from the game. Most probably for some reason the server is giving back 0 points ...

    Instantly Level 60 after Outer Rim Released: Once again, this shouldn't be calculated locally so most probably a server issue

    Crashing / Freezing at the End of Matches: This might be a local issue ... Although luckily I did not experience this.

    Unable to level beyond Level 50: Once again server issue. I had this error, but after 3 games I moved to level 51 and also I get all the points taken away by the 2 throw backs. So server issue

    Hutt Contract Challenge Progression Freezing: This is also a communication issue, most probably server side

    Focus Fire Not Registering For Scattergun Contract: Same as above

    Hutt Contracts Completed and Weapons Are Not Unlocking: Once again, above

    Deluxe Edition Content Locked: This could be a local issue ...

    So in my opinion mostly we have a server update issue not a local game issue. More things that point to server side issue are things like many of us we had after the update, the completely messed up statistics we got on the companion. So if I'm right we should not need a big local game update if we need at all, we need to wait for DICE to make a server update, and as the servers are by them.
  • So basically keep logging on every 6 hours or so and hope it's been fixed...
  • There is also the double Vader glitch in Hero Hunt. I hope they keep it in the game as it's hilarious though.
  • I think it takes 2 weeks for a patch to be fully approved/tested so I wouldn't expect a patch that soon unless it is server side.
  • Yeah has only been 1 day so I would give then some time lol
  • For us that paid for the seasons pass that are randomly lvl 60 and can't play a round without crashing we should be reimbursed
  • What a joke feel bad for you guys broken pos they put out
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