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hi Battlefront community i really need your help i am doing a charity stream for National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) and i havnt been able to get too many viewers. I want to raise money for NAMI because i want to help others who suffer the same things i do. i suffer from extreme depression and anxiety as well as post dramatic stress disorder because of some events that resulted in my mothers death. She had bipolar which in a short description makes you go insane. she was taking me home from school and i said something that set her off, i don't remember what but she started screaming crying and driving recklessly. in a result of this we got into a severe car crash which almost killed me and my mom . i was badly injured bruises etc. and a year after that my mother committed suicide. i have been suffering for 6 years now im only 16 and i want to help myself by helping others who suffer along with me. im not telling you all this to make you feel sad or make you feel sorry for me but all im asking is support. just stopping bye the stream and saying hi means the world to me. I am not in school at the moment because im so mentally ill im home bound. sometimes i cant even find the will to get out of bed. I hope to reach a 200 dollar goal. I will be streaming all day today. Thanks to all and i hope that i can reach my goal. i really appreciate any support i can get wether it be a view or a donation. if you want to stop bye here is a link to my channel.and again thanks to everyone :)


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  • Good luck !
  • Guess it sounds mean saying this but the "hands out" baloney is out of control. (Was never like this years ago) I was working younger then you and I lived in my car for a few years when I was getting back on my feet after a bad business partner. I'm all for helping out but I have to know exactly what my help out does. What does 200$ do? Let you buy games/stay inside? How is that helping?

    Reminds me of how stores/restaurants/ads etc say donate to help "such and such". People blindly donate. Next time ask how much of that money goes to the cause, what have they accomplished, how long they been running/etc? It's amazing how you can run "charities" and barely do anything.

    Well anyways hope it all works out for you and I do not mean any ill will...Just this topic annoys me...especially how it is worded and the fact I just had to deal with this 3 days ago..Meeting started to turn into a charity event..
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    How can we verify this? The only donation link i see is directly to your twitch channel.
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