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Hutt Contracts Screen Menu Problems! (PS4)

For the Hostile Negotiations contract, I completed both tasks for the Dioxis grenade. While in a match, the Hutt Contact notification popped up twice on screen for each task that was completed. However in the Hutt Contracts menu, I have the grenade, but it says that I have only 9/20 for using the smoke grenade.
And for Combat Rush, I completed the task of getting 2500 Objective Score for Extraction and got the Adrenaline Stim. The Hutt notification also popped up on screen in a match stating I completed it. However, on the Hutt Contracts menu, it shows I only have 1900/2500.
I do have access to both items, but the completion of the tasks mentioned are wrong. I closed the game and restarted, but everthing I mentioned above is still the same.


  • Likewise, Bravo. Exact same thing happened to me on the Rodian Blaster contract. Received notification/confirmation that both tasks were completed during gameplay, and the DT-12 is unlocked and available.

    However, in the Hutt Contract screen/menu, the count for "Get 30 kills with pistols on Blast" is stuck at 18 - even though I obviously got >30 kills - and again was confirmed in gameplay that part of the task was completed once I hit 30.

    Also, because the count and completion %age are coming across as not being 100% complete, this specific Rodian Blaster contract continues to show up on my screen after each map when adding credits/scores as "in progress/incomplete."

    PS4, USA
  • Same issue here. I have earned the Dioxis grenade, but for me it also comes up in the main menu as not completed.
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