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Rank of new heroes and how they fare

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Was thinking of this when I played last night - where do you think the new heroes rank in an overall list of the heroes altogether? Me personally it would be:

1 - Emperor
2 - Greedo
3 - Han
4 - Luke
5 - Nien
6 - Leia
7 - Vader - buffs feel negligible so far to me
8 - Boba.

Thoughts? Greedo's confidence can pretty much make him all powerful which is why I rate him so high. Nien's abilities are excellent too but at points its a struggle. His defence is great in supremacy etc.

In terms of how they fare against other heroes, what does everyone think? Greedo can hold his own and when his confidence builds up, coupled with his speed, he can take most on - I've took down Luke and Han a fair few times with him.
Nien on the other hand can be great against some - vs Boba or the Emperor 1v1 he is immense, but seem to struggle against Vader/Greedo, or if the Emperor player is wily enough to take down his turrets first.
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  • Depends on which mode we're talking about.
  • nien dominates in walker assault
  • Ledorus
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    Greedo is pretty high up for me because of his DPS but Nien is near the bottom, he uses my favourite weapons and star cards, yet I can't use him well because of his low health. In fact, Greedo has some pretty low health too. It's hard to be strategic when some **** munches through your health with explosive shot.
  • mcb743
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    The scatter gun does heroes in big time! Its awesome.
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