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Hutt Contracts not clearing when completed

253 posts Member
I've completed the Hutt Contracts for the Relby gun and the Dioften grenade. But the summary screen at the end of each game is still showing these completed contracts. For example...


Is this supposed to be doing this? It's sort of meaningless information to me now. Yes I know that Hostile Negotiations and Contract Killer are complete, because I completed them already and you (the game) keep reminding me!

Anyway, I was curious if anyone else was seeing this. Just another bug, or is this intended behavior?


  • I'm still seeing the Hutt Contracts for the Scattergun and the DT-12 Pistol, and I've finished those according to the companion app, but in-game, their still incomplete.
  • Reesh
    424 posts Member
    Yep same here everything Ive completed shows up at the summary screen!
    And also some contracts Ive completed are also incomplete in game but complete on the app!
    And contracts I get a requirement for aren't being added for example targeting rifle streak is only showing 2/3 even though I know I got 3/3 !
    So there's obviously Bugs in it
  • YomaMa
    56 posts Member
    It buys the server some time to shuffle the deck and reload the same map you've been playing for the past week.
  • I unlocked one of the pistols but it still says i havent completed it guess it got reset and i still have the blaster.
  • Having the same issue and it becomes really annoying. What's more - if you try to use new "Leave" option during loading screen, you still have to watch this ****.
  • I've completed all of them and the first three I completed still show up after every match, slowly, showing 100% each. We need a skip button or Jabba off button or something.
  • Either way it still has to use the time for loading. I just wish it would show something else. Why keel showing contract we've already completed.
  • YomaMa
    56 posts Member
    stevenomes wrote: »
    Either way it still has to use the time for loading. I just wish it would show something else. Why keel showing contract we've already completed.

    To make good feelings deluxe.
  • I was just coming to post about this. Annoying me all morning.
  • Frix
    626 posts Member
    I do hope this is fixed.
  • kiwan
    13 posts Member
    8 months in and still can't clear the Hutt contracts, ridiculous!
  • tallguy70014
    730 posts Member
    edited August 2016
    ive completed 2 more just today that I cant get credit 4.
  • ORancisis
    2671 posts Member
    I've completed every single Hutt Contract, and it still says that I need a Rifle Streak for the DLT-19X. Used the gun plenty of times.

    Not a huge deal but it is a tad bit annoying. They've had a couple patches since this started happening and still haven't figured it out?
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  • same problem here...wish they were selectable by which three to want to track - then this could take care of itself.
  • I feel ya, guys; I have this scattergun contract screen that will haunt me all the way to the grave.
    Apologies for this cartoon meme referencing a different game, but it seems apropos here -- and sheds light on a few things...
  • I'm guessing everyone that plays has at least one of these pop up at the end. Still guessing, but I think it might be a placeholder so that we all have the same loading time, otherwise those that have finished all of them would see a blank screen or something for a moment.
  • I am not actively pursuing any Hutt Contracts -- I've completed all of the contracts I've signed up for -- so that screen does not appear at all for me. It's working perfectly -- no 100% contracts showing like they did prior to the update that fixed that bug.

    However, my son is working on several contracts, but two contracts he has completed are the Slugthrower and Rodian Blaster. He has and has been using those weapons. Yet after every game those two contracts appear on the summary screen as not completed -- they indicate something like 93% and 89% completed. I had opened a case with EA and they confirmed it's a bug. Not a big deal, but it doesn't allow my son to see the other contracts he's working on... on that screen, anyway.

    Just adding my voice so the developers know it's an issue, if a minor one.
  • Hit contract is bugged I've completed it and it still stays on screen as incomplete and with this it says I have a star card to get and I haven't ,also there are numbers on the diorama saying 4 items available when I have them all.Would be nice to have it fixed and cleaned up.
  • This is not a new problem. It's been going on every since they introduced Hut Contracts and they've refused to fix it but that's nothing new either.
  • Yup, same here. I finished the contracts and got the guns. But still showing me the same three contracts as unfinished.
  • Prep768
    2248 posts Member
    Happening since the introduction of the contracts for myself. It will get fixed I'm sure - soon.

    (any one got a TM?)
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    Yes @PrepJnr - I am your father, NOW DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!
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