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Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

I was looking up the new lego Star Wars game thats coming out and saw video of space battles. :| Do you guys think that, that could be foreshadowing for this game or not a chance? I know this game has been out for awhile now but I'd just be even more disappointed if the lego game had more content than this battlefront :(


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  • I saw they'll have moments in the game that weren't in the movie. Like how C3PO got his red arm. My favorite lego game ever will always be lego soccer on PS2. Lego games are great and I'm excited about this, I know they won't screw it up lol. Thanks for the reply!
  • Here's the trailer for anyone that hasn't seen it already!
  • I loved the first Lego star wars Video game used to do two player all the time was very fun and I loved unlocking the characters lol there were so many. I have played every star wars Lego game that has come out and hopefully this ones good and fun :)
  • The Lego Star Wars games are a lot of fun...I'm very excited for the new one. The folks at Dice could learn a thing or two from the Lego game developers.
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