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Wanted large maps, but got Outer Rim - honest review

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edited March 2016
Getting past the whole small map bit when I wanted large maps, I decided to play Outer Rim until I had at least played all 4 maps for multiple games on either Blast or Extraction mode. Here are my unbiased opinions on the whole pack:

Maps - 10.0

They are probably the best small maps in the game. As small maps go, they are very intricate with a lot of flanking options and multiple levels to each map. There's plenty of cover but still some areas where ranged weapons can be useful. They also look outstanding as the graphics in this game continue to shine. The environmental hazards are a nice touch. These are examples of how infantry maps should be designed.

Extraction - 10.0

Extraction is a great addition to the small map game mode pool. These maps are designed perfectly to allow good path finding for the shipment that doesn't leave it out in the open as sniper bait. There's plenty of cover in the routes so attackers and defenders have to be very aggressive. Campers and ranged attacks aren't going to get the job done. Unlike in Walker Assault or Turning Point, I felt less like the rest of the map was being ignored until the shipment got near the final point. People were still flanking deep into parts of the maps and sparking firefights as they were aggressively trying to find a better way to get to the shipment.

New Heroes - 5.0

I didn't get to play the new heroes, so I'm going to meet halfway on the score. Reality is, they just don't excite me enough to care. I don't even like playing Princess Leia or Han Solo. I want to play a Jedi or Sith, not a more beefed up version of what I can already play as a foot soldier. There's not really much of a lore interest in Nein Nunb or Greedo, other than who fired first. At least if it was Chewbacca and possibly a bounty hunter like Bossk, it would trigger my inner fanboy to geek out and have to try them.

Weapons and Star Cards - 7.0

I didn't get to try them myself as I haven't unlocked them. Nothing I saw from others using the weapons made me say "I have got to have that gun" though. DL-18 seemed like the best new one, but it just seemed like another overpowered pistol. The Dioxine grenade seems good. Not sure I'd give up my thermal detonator for it. I can't remember the name of it, but I got one shot a couple of times by a card that is like a variant of the bowcaster. IMO that's the last thing we need is more of that. I'd still try them except for...

Hutt Contracts - 1.0

I don't like this at all. I think its fine if you want to have them for random missions people can go one within the game. But don't lock the weapons behind them. The worst part is sometimes the contract calls for you to go through a grind with weapons or abilities that just aren't fun for you. Some contracts may end up being too difficult for people to complete. That's not right when the person paid money for the DLC in the first place. Overall, never have been a fan of this sort of thing, even when something similar was in Battlefield. Its the fastest way to get me to not care about a new weapon I still paid for haha

UI and Queuing System - 3.0

I like the look of the new UI and have no problem with how the options now work for the normal set of maps. However, this new rotation for Outer Rim has to go. Heroes vs Villains and Cargo play so differently from the other modes that people will quit, especially when Heroes vs Villains comes up. This needs to get fixed so that we have separate queuing for each mode. It took me a long time just to get into games on all 4 maps because I had to keep quitting, and then queue again, which often put me into a game on a map I'd already played.

Overall Score - 7.0

I'm giving more weight here to the maps themselves and new Extraction mode. The other stuff shouldn't take way from the fact these are some great small maps and Extraction is a fine addition to the small map game modes. I could see myself playing this map pack as a change of pace from the large maps if I could get separate queues for Extraction, Droid Run, and Blast. I won't likely bother until then.

So have I changed my mind on the subject of Outer Rim being CQC? No I haven't. I still think this first DLC should have been large maps. The large map crowd needed the boost in map count much more. It did make me more open to the idea that a similar pack with this same quality of maps for the upcoming Bespin DLC would have been fine though. Then maybe swap back to large maps or a combination of both for Death Star.

As a side note, and not included in the scoring, my overall experience was soured by the continued domination of Pistols on every map I played regardless of mode or whether I re-queued. So again, it forced me to pick up my DH-17. Personally, I did very well. The issue is the continued fact that I felt compelled to HAVE to use a pistol on small maps.
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