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I hope battlefield 5 dosent lack content EA!

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I dont get why comebacks on old franchises lacks so much content.
The new halo lacks.
The new street fighter lacks.
This game lacks.
The latest gears of war lacks.
I can predict that the new gears of war 4 will lack. But why is the new generation like this???



  • I hope bf5 goes back to ww2,all these modern shooters are getting boring.bf2,bf modern combat,bfbc,bfbc2,bf3,bf4,six modern and if you include hardline that makes 7 modern.its been 8yrs i think since cod waw its time it went back,glad some devs are at least trying with battalion 1944 and days of war.on your question i dont think dice can afford to mess bf5 up.
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