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No Match for a Good Blaster


I am proud to say that I have received my first accusation of hacking and on PS4 :) only the few skilled players who dominate game modes can receive such an honor to generate such saltiness in players. May my gamer tag be known throughout the battlefront universe


  • Happens all the time for me. Guys like to say that I'm hacking somehow because of how fast I kill with the EE-3. For some reason lots of players don't know that if you pull the trigger fast enough the EE-3 bursts come out much faster.
  • Brag about it. Come PC and everyone is a hacker.
  • Whats your gamer tag?
  • Gamer tag is the same as my username @N3gativePrime
    and I feel hackers are a given on PC platform. Hackers on this game hackers on the division everything pc
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