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Rouge one Offcial Trailer

OMG. This looks so awesome ... I'm more excited after seeing this than I was after seeing the first TFA trailer


  • DarthJ
    6665 posts Member
    Loving the shadow troopers and the general feel of the OT!
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  • I wish they kept the original AT-AT design. Shadow troopers look cool though. I really reaaaaaalllly hope the royal guards get some kind of action in this
  • Maybe they aren't AT-AT's at all? They look smaller. Or did I need to re watch the OT ASAP? :)
  • MrMxyzptlk wrote: »
    Maybe they aren't AT-AT's at all? They look smaller. Or did I need to re watch the OT ASAP? :)

    I suppose they could be some other variant. Still, OT AT-ATs are my faves
  • Best bits of the trailer for me were the shots of Star Destroyers in front of the Death Star, a glimpse of the Emperors Royal Guards and OT Stormtroopers. The Black Stormtrooper looks cool a well - Battlefront should really switch out the existing shadow trooper for this guy(or gal).

    Not too excited for the film though.
  • Ugh, I hate to say it, (and I'm usually the last one to say things like this) but I don't know how I feel about the trailer yet. I'll have to reserve my judgement until the next one. But so far, not feeling as excited yet.
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  • DarthJ
    6665 posts Member
    It's early days but a lot of it looks exciting I think.
    PSN: ibrajoker59
  • Zach
    549 posts Member
    I doubt this movie will be the best of all the Star Wars movies, but I still think its going to be excellent. Original trilogy with modern day special effects? Yes please. I can't wait to see the Star Wars universe outside of the Skywalker lineage for the first time on the big screen.
  • Glad darth vader will be in it
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