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  • About dismemberment... why would that need an R rating? Obi Wan chopped off an arm in New Hope with blood showing. Vader chopped off Luke's hand in ESB. In RotS, Obi Wan chops three limbs off Anakin who then burns in lava partially.

    As long as the scene isn't too gory, Vader can chop down a few Rebels without an R rating.

    Plus there really wouldn't be a lot of blood due to the fact that it's a lightsaber. I feel like they could definitely fit in dismemberment. It's been in all films before the sequel trilogy.
  • Quizolio
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    As far as the dismembering and decapitating goes, people forget about Jango in Attack of the Clones. He got decaped by Mace Windu, remember?
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