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Please DICE and EA read this as it might help you generate some cool ideas.

Basically I really like the star wars battlefront game and I really enjoy playing it. However I can see some issues that u might didn't notice (or did but still did not fixed) and I would like to share it with you.
First, the fighter squadron (air fight), it is an awesome mode but still needs some fixing as I get bored playing it. I would like to see some obstacles in the air or some big caves where my X Wing can pass through to escape the enemy. Flying in the air for 3 min trying to escape a missile without being able to pass behind an obstacle is kind of boring. We also need more options to intensify the fight, for example you can add a new ability for the X wings other than a shield and a missile, go for an additional ability. I also expect a new mode for this air fight ( like for the death star the rebel alliance will have to destroy the weakness of the planet just like in the movie while the empire have to protect it ). So this is just my opinion for this mode. By the way you can add Luke and Vader in the fighter squadron just like in the movie “A NEW HOPE”. Additional heroes in space would be cool. You might end having heroes vs. villains in the air (Maybe). I am just posting my ideas so it might help you generate some other cool stuff.
Second, regarding the heroes I would like additional Jedi and Sith because when I am one of those I want to feel different then the other player. Almost all the heroes HAVE BLASTERS like Leia, Han solo, the new guy which I forgot his name, boba Fett and also the new green guy for the empire. ALL those have some blasters JUST LIKE the normal troops. I enjoy more playing as Luke and Darth Vader since they have light sabers and I feel awesomely powerful and different then the others. So I expect some cool new heroes and villains with new way to attack (just like the emperor he can use his lightning).
Third, regarding the skins of the character, I would like some additional options for the empire as being a black trooper is no longer special since everyone has it. But not only that, I want to be able to customize my jacket, the colors, the looks, the tattoos of my characters and the hair also maybe. So basically I want to create MY OWN character. For example if I take the zabrak race I want to be able to choose the length of its horn the color of hes jacket and more. I want different options for each race I choose. Like for the humans u have many kinds of human with different hair (maybe a little too much), but why not for the zabrak too? We only have 1 kind of zabrak and we would like to customize his looks. Same for the empire.
Fourth, a new mode of bomb planting like in CS GO would be cool. What I mean is that once you die u cannot revive before the round ends. This would be cool ( but I am not sure about it because the others might not like it ).
Fifth, this is regarding the REBLY-V10 as it is considered weak ( not only by me but also by other star wars fans ) as this weapon has the same stats that the A280C, the only difference is that the A280C is automatic ( which is better ). Some fixing or upgrade for the REBLY-V10 must be taken in consideration
Finally I expect some new AUTOMATIC blasters because in the outer rim there was only semi automatic.
In Conclusion, I really love this game and I we all know here that you guys are doing some hard work. I enormously love this game and I would feel bad if I wouldn't give my feedback about it. I hope that you will take in consideration what I wrote as it might help you discovering some new ideas. Thank you very much and again, awesome game!


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