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How do I export Xbox One captures to youtube and upload them to the forums?

Hello there, pretty new forums user here and I honestly have no idea how to post things besides text. On the issue of the Han Solo "invincibility" glitch, I was able to capture a short snippet of me shooting Han about 5 times with EE-3 with explosive shot and throwing a thermal imploder at him and his health only dropping from around 20% to 9%. This is good evidence for those who think that the whole "invincibility" epidemic is merely lag or bad aim. However, I have no idea how to export that capture or share it here on the forums. Could anyone provide steps to accomplish what I wish to do? Thanks.


  • Xbox one uses OneDrive, so on your Xbox one upload the captures to the Onedrive server (you have to manually click the box when creating and rendering clips on your console).

    Then go to You can download your clip from there to your computer and then I believe from your computer you can finally upload that video to youtube. Once you post the youtube link to these forums I THINK it automatically shows up where it can be played from the thread.

    For me, I just post my direct links from OneDrive on the forums which is another option.
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