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Marvel comics storm troopers concept art

Concept art for an upcoming marvel Star Wars issue. These are just concepts, but whatever the final versions of these end up being, they will be in an upcoming comic and therefore canon, and therefore possible skins for battlefront :p
Full article at
What you peeps think?




  • BlackgoliathJW
    901 posts Member
    edited April 2016
    Off topic?? Really? Would have thought this was general discussion, or in heroes and characters at the least....?
  • Yeah...just seen this tweet

    They look pretty sweet
  • Bazooka is my favorite.
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    "Remember: Your focus determines your reality."
  • Lol that sniper is the edgiest stormtrooper I have ever seen.
  • DarthJ
    6441 posts Member
    All good but I'm wondering what series they will appear, as the main series has went slightly off the Rebel-Empire conflict currently, so I'm guessing the Vader series?

    Scout and Sniper both look cool!
    PSN: ibrajoker59
  • Will be the "Star Wars" series, issue 21. Going to do a story arc focusing on storm troopers and some elite storm troopers.
    Exciting man! :#
  • DarthJ
    6441 posts Member
    Ah good, can't wait! I'm hit and miss about the main series currently, after the initial start and Vader down it's kind of slowed down. Sounds good on the different stormtroopers though.
    PSN: ibrajoker59
  • It all looks pretty cool to me. B)
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