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yolo swag 360 no scope???

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Alright chaps/chapesses.

Had a mini server surfing marathon last night between 9pm & 3am UK time and something pretty messed up happened. Made my way to US West and was minding my own, not camping! Then all of a sudden I'm being shot at - its battlefront!!!! I hear you say. As I turn round it was a team mate was shooting me (nothing new right?) Then out of no where four others started shooting at me. Was literally surrounded by 5 (may i remind you) team mates unable to move as they all closed in by this time. I was being (insert funny)!

Game and life carried on but I did ask the chap via messages what was up. I was civil and did not swear or insult and his reply yolo swag 360 no scope ???????
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Yes @PrepJnr - I am your father, NOW DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!
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