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Crimson Corsair attempt at "new" Boba?

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In the original trilogy, we got Boba Fett, a mysterious, bad*** looking character that nobody new about. He quickly gained a following and became a fan favorite. because of fans reaction to him, he was implemented into the next two films. He then received a complete background through the expanded universe. Now, in the sequel trilogy, we get space pirate Sidon Ithano, aka the Crimson Corsair. He is the awesome-looking man in Maz Kanata's bar that Finn talks to for a ride off Takodana. A look into this character reveals a semi-extensive background considering how new The Force Awakens is. He is the most-expanded on background character from the new movie. So this got me thinking, is the Crimson Corsair an attempt at a new Bob-esque figure for a new generation?
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  • And I realize most people have no idea who he is, but nobody knew who Boba was either.
  • Quizolio
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    Wasn't Captain Phasma their attempt to create another Boba Fett? Besides, the stormtrooper who gets in a duel with Finn stole the show anyways.
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  • I could see that. But I was thinking Boba and Crimson Corsair are both technically "unaffiliated."
  • My interest in his character boosted a lot once I heard that Kix is in his pirate crew.
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  • TheStalker88
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    He looks pretty rad in red. I read about him and rad is all I said.

    Awesome info and vid as well. Space pirates are cool as helium.
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