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What's the best trait in your opinion?

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I use Bounty Hunter almost every time. Some time ago I prefered Scout, but I'm not very good with it. :P
Now, with the Berserker Trait unlockable by hutt contract, we have some new ways to play as best as we can.
What's the best Trait, in your opinion?


  • Scout only, best way to survive.
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  • Sb2432
    2605 posts Member
    Depends on game mode, for supremacy, cargo and WA as rebels I run scout, WA as imperials/ extraction I run bodyguard, I run berserker on blast, and bountyhunter on dropzone, HvV, droid run and HH.
  • Assassino37
    1104 posts Member
    edited April 2016
    I don't play much anymore because I'm waiting for the next patch to fix the rest of the game but I've run scout exclusively since I started playing. Almost everyone relies on radar which I love exploiting. The way radar is done in this game is great, but overall I hate radar in shooters. Whatever happened to just hunting the enemy based on your eyes and ears? That's why I hate scan pulse or UAVs in games like CoD.

    Anyway, I think it's the best because it gives you the best potential advantage.

    EDIT: wait, isn't this ON-topic?
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  • Assassino37
    1104 posts Member
    edited April 2016
    Valid Token Confirmed.

  • Scout no doubt
  • ND513
    550 posts Member
    I used to use scout. Now I use berserker.
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