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Auto Balance=/=skill balance

This "auto balance" has got to be one of the worst implementations I have ever seen in a video game. The "balance" is to make sure each team has even numbers.....thats it. It really should be called " auto player distribution" But I guess thats my fault thinking that there was an attempt at actual balance


  • Ya, I got stuck on some devastatingly bad supremacy teams this weekend and no balancing ever came into play.
  • and it doesn't even out the players numbers when people quit and round ends.... it's not like that logic has been around since the conception of multiplayer shooters.
  • Beaver
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    Pretty sure they said it wasn't working as intended and will be fixed with the May patch.
  • Aw, I thought that too. Well that isn't very helpful, as I could just be thrown in with even more horrible players.
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  • Why does it feel like this company has never designed a game of this kind before? What do they only put their interns on it?
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