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Hmm... where is this pix this taken?

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edited April 2016
Found this one on the EAStarwars twitter account, it was published the 22 april... it says "coming this spring". Anyone recognise the location?

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  • Somewhere in a Jabba map, not sure which one
  • Then it would be "Came this spring" in the caption, wouldn`t it?
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  • leftweet
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    The tweet in question had a link to the "Road Ahead" post, which is what the text in the tweet references. I don't think the picture means anything. Their social media person probably just picked that picture for no particular reason, other than the fact that tweets with pictures usually get more clicks. Maybe they could've picked something more appropriate but oh well.
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  • DarthJ
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    Its in the Jabbas Palace map, near the start of the extraction mode. The protocol droid twitches when near it
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  • Thank, I thought it was from Bespin! Oh Boy, do I really hate the Forced Playlist?.... It stops me from exploring the maps and finding out stuff like this on my own...
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  • Jabba's Palace,Extraction, Rebel side, when you spawn run to the right curved corridor and you will go through a door which is just behind the droid on the console in the pic.
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  • Yeah but EV-9D9 doesn't move!!! She should still be torturing the little gonk droid!
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