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Open chat function

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Platform: PC
Issue: Your new "open chat" function can mess up people's keyboard mapping. You've made it so that pressing <Enter> automatically opens the chat, but I have the <Enter> key on the numeric keypad mapped to "jump," so every time I push it, it also opens the chat. Remapping the "open chat" to another key should solve the problem, but even with it remapped to another key, pressing <Enter> on the numeric keypad still opens up the chat function. Please think before you insert new functions.
Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes
Details on how to reproduce the issue: A full break down of how to make this issue happen


  • I also use enter for "action" instead of "E" - please fix....
  • Same issue, as left handler, I also use "numpad enter" as jump key...
    I can't play without a fix for that :( :( please Help....
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