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Extraction Bug in need of immediate attention!

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Reporting Template:
Platform: PS4
Issue: The developers of the DLC has forgotten to make a playlist for Extraction only. The result of this bug is that my Extraction game keeps on moving to another game mode and I have to Quit and reenter a new Extraction game. This is highly irritating and probably would be easy to resolve. In the gaming history it is unheard of to force gamers into doing ANYTHING they don`t feel like doing, that is way I must believe this to be a bug. If it indeed is intentional, the responsible for this madness should be directed to a new position at a competing firm with a signed contract which forbids this person to never again work with Dice or any of their titles.
Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes
Details on how to reproduce the issue: I choose Extraction as game mode through the meny. Then go play. Sometimes you will get a round of Extraction, sometimes all the way up to 4 rounds. But overtime another game mode is eventually coming in and you have to quit and reenter. The game mode following Extraction often lose 2/3 of the player in the start while almost all OT players from Extraction only want to play this and not anything else.
If you're having connectivity problems or issues in regards to lag etc. please provide the following: I don`t, but are eager to share if it will help on this bug.
Region: EU
Internet Service Provider (ISP): GET
Connection Speed: 150/20 MB, cabled direct to the PS4 unit
Screenshots or Private video links: Upon request
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  • Hi i was told by sledge that this is part of the DLC, yep rolling modes!
  • Straywalker
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    no, it can not be intentional, got to be a bug.. no one in the gaming industry can be that stupid... therefor "bug"
    Playstation 4 fun :p Proud member of the 3PO community
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