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If EA/DICE ran ________________

28 posts Member
This may just be for stress relief...

I saw one comment that made me laugh, equating the way that EA/D have run this game and its DLC to other situations. His thing was

"If EA/Dice ran a restaurant, and I ordered a steak, they would return with brussel sprouts and insist that I eat them first, and then I would probably get my steak."

Any other analogies people want to share? I figure EA/D at least owes us some amusement.


  • TheStalker88
    6084 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    If I ordered a ***** enlarger on ebay and EA/D was the seller, they'd send me a magnifying glass instead.
  • Webn8tr_
    3145 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    If EA was a prostitute
    They would make you pay for the STI before the sex.
  • Drtyore
    28 posts Member
    If EA had scripted "A New Hope"

    Luke, Han and Chewie would have had to go with Obi-Wan on his mission before trying to save Leia.

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