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Extraction Cart got stuck in Jabbas palace so the Rebels lost

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edited May 2016
Reporting Template:
Platform: PS4
Issue: Playing Extraction in Jabbas Palace the cart sometimes get stuck and won`t budge. It has happened just before the stairs up to the Throne room and also after the 90 degree left turn inside the same room. I have stumble upon this twice today and once prepatch 1.07
Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: No, happens from time to time
Details on how to reproduce the issue: Play Extraction several times (you will to need to do the "quit and reenter" routine a lot of times - maybe first you should fix an extraction only playlist )
Screenshots or Private video links: Upon request
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  • parsec67
    299 posts Member
    Ditto, happened to me twice today on both Sorosuub maps.
  • j_novs
    711 posts Member
    It just happened to me on the Pipeline map. The cart just seemed to bounce off the path and got stuck next to the ramp.

  • MikeyFett
    191 posts Member
    I have to be honest, I've played more than 100 matches of Extraction on PS4 but I've never seen this. If it happens to me I'll post a video.
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