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Fighter Squadron, turning ship does not take any damage when hit

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Platform: PS4
Issue: Flying Slave 1 in FS, I got into a turning fight with a bot Xwing. This Xwing did a high speed circle around my ship. I slowed down and made a smaller circle and blasted away. I hit him with every shot but no yellow hit confirmation came, only sparkles from the hits... I did 8 full turns with this bot taking visual damage, finally I got bored and fired off a missile which hit and instantly destroyed the bot. I have a witness to this - name of fellow player can be sent as pm on request
Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes, probably
Details on how to reproduce the issue: I get into the Slave 1 and go hunting for bots
Screenshots or Private video links: Upon request
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    @Straywalker -


    Endless strafing bug in Fighter Squadron-Re: all posts to date-

    Question- Is Fighter Squadron completely unplayable- in terms of what the EA trailer HERE, showed to us in pre-release (most notably at time frame-0:46-0:50)...?

    ...VS/when compared to the actual bugged gameplay, post-Outer Rim Update-to-present, as seen HERE, as it exists now, not remotely CLOSE to as advertised, throughout the below video?

    Answer-Yes. It's completely unplayable.

    Also, this- the original post links to everything on this subject. Make some noise and help get this fixed!
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