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End screen didn`t show the ongoing Hutt Contract progress, only already done ones

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edited May 2016
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Platform: PS4
Issue: After a game I get a screen which shows three of my 100% fulfilled contracts. When I started the Bacta Bomb contract it shuffled into the third window. But when working the next contract to upgrade the Bacta Bomb it just showed the same three 100% contracts and no progress on the upgrade. Ingame it still showed the progress.
Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes, kinda - I have now gotten the upgraded Bacta Bomb so the last three contracts (not upgrades) are now showing their 100%
Details on how to reproduce the issue: Play a game to finish.
Screenshots or Private video links: Upon request
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  • grrlpurple
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    In addition to this and 100% recreatable on PS4. End game screen no longer shows level calculations for combat, objective, award and bonus scores. Hutt contracts screen is redundant, it only shows contracts already completed long ago and imo should only display if and when there are active contracts.
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