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I posted a bug report about the cart in Extraction getting stuck, any one else had this?

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Jabba Palace

Happened to me one time before the patch also but that time we got it going again. Today I had two games where it stopped. First game: just before the stairs up to Jabbas trophy room, Second game: it stopped just in front of Jabba sofa in the trophy room. On both occasions the cart was in the hands of the rebels but still wouldn`t move. As Rebel I lost both times when the time eventually ran out.

Has anyone else experienced this pre or post patch 1.07?
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  • xSha3nx
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    Been there 2 times. :( however it was fun to watch my team shooting and bombing our shipping until time ran out.
  • Willy8257
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    Yea ive had this happen multiple times pre-patch on the sullust pipelines map
  • Kraigbot
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    Played hundreds and hundreds of matches and have seen it about 3 times. Usually involves stairs or inclines.
  • Getting stuck? Not yet but falling backwards down inclines yes.
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