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Rey-Gon-Jin THEORY?!?!?!?!

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edited May 2016
I would like to recount to my fellow board members a theory that i came across recently that seems to hold high levels of credibility.

Let me paint the scene for you guys:
We are in the arid desert of Jakku.
A starship leaving hyperspace enters the Jakku system.
As the starship begins its descent, grains of sand begin to kick up into the air.
A hissing noise emits from the starship as the ramp comes down and a shadowy figure appears.

*enter: Qui-Gon_JIn*

As Qui-Gon takes in the scenery of the barren desert, he is only focused on the mission he has at hand, given to him by the counsel.
He completes the mission without any hindrances.
Recognizing that he has not yet left an heir to the Jin dynasty, and knowing that having relations is against the Jedi code along with the fact that as a Jedi master, death can come unexpectedly - Qui-Gon_Jin decided to take a the N.J.S.B.F.J.W.K.T.C.D.A.A.M.A.W.A.H.

National Jakku Sp. Bank For Jedi Who Know They Can Die At Any Moment And Want An Heir

Years have passed since Qui-Gon's patronage to the NJSBFJWKTCDAAMAWAH
One day, a new employee who was hired to work at the Sp. Bank was moving the sp. hover cart as an Earthquake hit (approx. magnitude 7.6 on the Richter scale).
The earthquake caused Qui-Gon's sample to tip over onto the new employee's clothing.
Since Qui-Gon's midichlorian levels were higher than normal people, the force caused them to find a host to create who today we know as



*drops mic*
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