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I came up with the most bizarre question ever

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edited May 2016
OK, so I've been watching Man vs. Wild and there were two episodes that caught me attention.

In one episode, Bear Grylls hydrates himself by drinking his own urine. In another episode, he hydrates himself by inserting seawater into his butthole via with a small tube.

So, I have been wondering: can I combine these two techniques into one? Like, if I'm in a survival situation with someone else, and the other person is dehydrated, can I hydrate them by shoving my wiener into their butthole and urinating into them?

I asked this on a survival forum but the post got deleted for some reason. I hope someone can answer my question. This seems like a place where someone would know the answer to this question.
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  • dada_shift
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    :# :s


  • Assassino37
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    Well then. That's a legit question. That never crossed my mind and usually I think of all the crazy stuff.

    The point of MvW and Bear showing those things is because regardless of its off putting nature, it's a survival situation and it works. For them to delete it is quite counter intuitive and ironic considering the type of forum it was.
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  • Quick sand is not that big of a problem.
  • mastery0ta
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    Sun's going down, better drink my own *****. Can't melt snow, better drink my own *****. I think he just genuinely enjoys it. It's not about survival, it's about doing what you want.
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