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Seeking friends for all game types

23 posts Member
edited May 2016
If you are the type of person who goes into a Walker Assault game with at least one of your hands filled with ion grenade, ion shot, and ion torpedo then we will get along just fine.

I'm looking for a partner or squad who is on West Coast time - I am from Seattle.

I play a few times a week but when I do play it's usually for extended periods of time. This is the only game I play so if that is the same case for you then this is a good fit.

I am rank 59 with all star cards, traits and blasters. I also have Outer Rim so if you are a Season Pass-er that is double thumbs up.

If you want to know my stats you can check out my profile - I earned them by myself w/o a solid partner or team. When I play it's for fun and I have the most fun when I win. I found it's helpful to have a good team in order to be successful and essentially having folks to talk with is a huge advantage.

I play pretty much all game types (not much a fan of Hero Hunt or Fighter Squadron though.)

Like I said, I play to win (out of fun of course) and right now that's usually about 50% of the time. That's why I'm here - because two people playing together who are playing to win should kick that stats up a bit and then we can both reap the benefits of having successful matches.

So anyway, if you are down for competitive play then please hit me up :) hopefully we will run up against some tough opponents and keep improving our skills and strategies.


  • Feel free to add me, gamer tag is the same as my forum name. Im on the east coast but when im on i play for a long time.
  • Zedrux
    401 posts Member
    GT: Zedrux
    Timezone: EST
    Kills: 25.7k
    Score: 9.3 mil
    KDR: 2.34
    I don't have the season pass or Outer Rim DLC sadly but I do play the objective and pubstomp almost every game with 40-110 kills.
  • Heey! If you'd like, I wouldn't mind playing with you. c:
    Rank 55, really only play Battlefront too + one other game.
    I do have the Outer Rim DLC + play all game modes tbh.
    I'm on MTN time, so only a little bit off from yourself.
    One thing though, is that I don't really like using a mic + it's not really something I like to use?
    It's not like I don't use a mic at all though + but you and I seem to have the same idea- wanting to win.
    My hands are more medic-based, and I've gotten a lot of practice using them. I'm a girl, but that shouldn't really affect anything lmao. In the end I'm really just looking for a partner to play w/ and really tries to win!!

    IF you want to add me my GT is:

  • coupe
    23 posts Member
    adding all!
  • CyrusIsMyIdol17
    5 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    I'm rank 60, I have the DLC, I always play for the win no matter what. Feel free to add me. Also I have a mic

    GT : CyrusIsMyIdol17
  • I'm rank 46. add me. gamer tag is adrastea09
  • AbbeLincoln420
    1 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    Gamer tag=Abbe Lincoln
    Spelt just like that and if enyone else want to add me that's cool I'm always looking to get a party toget her for a full game of HEROS vs VILLINS
    I have ALL Wepons and Star cards RANKED 60
    I Have the SEASON PASS as well.
    I have a Mic and live in GRAHAM WA
  • I'm rank 56 feel free to add me although I'm east coast my gamer tag is noahsalmi
  • Zach
    549 posts Member
    I like how you think, but I'm on the east coast. Still would like to play sometime
  • coupe
    23 posts Member
    adding all
  • Gt same look me up!
  • Iank631
    4 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    add me please, always looking to partner up or play as group. "iank631" Im on the east coast
  • Coupe, Are you still adding friends to your list?
    I play Battlefront exclusively and like to play the objective toward a win, but find it frustrating when I can't coordinate with the team.

    Rank 63. Season pass holder. Mic option available. EST.
  • GT: Insomnium Rex ET NJ
  • Seems like our playing styles are the same. I'll join forces with you. Look me up, IcyRedBeard14
  • CallMeDeee
    1663 posts Member
    Gt: Callmedeee

    Always play the obj.
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