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Could not enter AT-ST on Jakku WA

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edited May 2016
Platform: PS4
Issue: Playing WA on Jakku as Imperial. In the start of the game I found the AT-ST power up - which was kind of weird, usually it is already taken at the time I get to it - I tend to start far far back... some one at DICE really dislikes me, I guess :wink: - So I activated it and started inside the AT-ST, then poff! It was gone, and I was standing all alone at the AT-ST spawn point! I then could see the Powerup still available where I had gotten it. - I rushed for it and there was this other guy standing and just looking at it. I thought I`d be a gentleman and waited for him to take it. He did, and disappeared, and came back after a second or two.. and so did the Powerup! This time I took it, I got it, and Poff! Got in, but it disappeared again, but this time I came back right beside of the Powerup.. the next time I tried, I started back in the far of the map again... after trying some times I gave up. When the Rebels moved back to the next Uplinks and the AT-ST powerup location was moved it was ok again, Got a good run in the AT-ST this time.

It could of course have been just lag, but I doubt it while this other fellow had the same thing going
Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes
Region: EU
Internet Service Provider (ISP): GET
Connection Speed: 150/20 MB, cabled direct to the PS4 unit
Screenshots or Private video links: forgot to save... sorry
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