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Battlefront 2 Possibilities?....

So, I was thinking about EA's cryptic way of announcing Battlefront 2, or BattlefrontEA 2 rather, and when they said they would focus on the New Movies. When they said New did the mean Newer than OT, or like 2016 new? So my question for you is, would you rather BattlefrontEA 2 be set in the Force Awakens Era, or the Prequels.

To be honest I would rather Prequels. If you have ever seen The Clone Wars Show, or played Republic Commando, you will know that the Clone Wars is teeming with amazing content. I think if EA/DICE did the Prequels justice, the game could be legendary.

So what do you think? First what do you THINK they meant, and Second, what do you HOPE they meant?


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