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Combat Rush II progress reporting inaccurately in game

Platform: PC

Issue: Combat Rush II progress reporting inaccurately in game. When viewing the Hutt Contracts in game it shows that I have used 4/20 adrenaline stims. I have used far more than that, and the companion app shows it as being achieved (>20/20). This results in the in-game menu showing that I have 1 card to unlock, but I have already unlocked it. I appear to have the upgraded card.

Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes

Details on how to reproduce the issue: Launch Battlefront. Notice the 1 new item indicator. Go into Hutt Contracts to see 4/20 instead of 20/20 on the Combat Rush progression.

Screenshots or Private video links: If you’re able to capture a screenshot or video of your issue, please link it here:

Processor (CPU): Intel 4790K

Graphics Card (GPU): AMD R9 290

Memory: 16GB DDR3

Operating System: Windows 10
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