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The hit detection is so bad on Xbox one, it's unreal.

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Today I KID YOU NOT I shot a guy at least 5 times up close with a DL-44 and it said he had 1 HP left after he killed me. the ****? Why!? I've heard about hit detection issues, but i've never experienced such bad issues. Has anyone else come across this?


  • @79999 This has happened to me once or twice, but it's nothing major (at least for me). It's probably due to lag.
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  • I have the opposite problem.

    Everything hits me. ;)
  • I get this problem all the time, shooting someone 5-6 times (seeing the hit register with the crosshair). they turn round shoot me once I die, they have 100% health.

    This has gotten even worse since the new update for the Bespin DLC.
  • Yeah. I really wish they would really look into this and either declare that it's fine or if it's not fine really work on a solution.

    I can shoot people at point blank range and I get killed while their health is low and I'm just scratching my head wondering how a full blast of RT-97C to the chest doesn't work.
  • PopoTateo
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    Phew, i thought it was only me. It's lag my friends, and it's getting worse with every update.
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