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The Clan Alliance " The Senate"

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If you ever heard of Death Watch it's because we made so much noise in the Xbox one Partner and Clan Recruitment Forums. Let's get on with the show shall we. Since I love facing clans want to still face more clans I would like to make an alliance with some of the start up clans of Battlefront. Death Watch and D1RTY SH33TS have already made an alliance with both clans and I would like to get more to join the Alliance

Reasons why you should use Line:
*Easy to use Messaging app
*Everyone can stay in touch with each other
*Clans are starting to use "Line"
*Line basically TeamSpeak but on Smart Devices
*You can use what is called Group call (self explained)
*Can be used on Smart Phones, Tablets, and Computers

So that all clans in the Alliance can communicate each other. You'll have to download this free app it's called "Line" once you download the free app you need to create an account that only takes a minute. After that there will be 5 tabs click on the 5th one. Then click on add friends, search ID and type in The_elusive_hunter(that's me!).
Once you do ALL that say what your Gamer-tag is and who you are and I'll add you to the Alliance Chat
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