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GX Esports Battlefront " Summer Kick Off" Tournament Deatils

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This is a Hybrid game mode tournament designed for squad play. Check out full details HERE

Maps have not been finalized for the various matches yet and will be updated ASAP. In the meantime start assembling your teams.

Some things to note
  • This event will not have an entry fee
  • This event will be streamed and shoutcasted
  • Please allow for 3-3.5 hours to complete with downtime between matches. Please accommodate for time in between matches to either practice or spectate the stream
  • Sportsmanship for both the tournament participants and hosts is expected
  • HAVE FUN!!!


  • This one may be dead in the water based on the replies/comments Can anyone confirm that they are interested? The post only has 11 views.
  • EVOKnight wrote: »
    This one may be dead in the water based on the replies/comments Can anyone confirm that they are interested? The post only has 11 views.

    Well i know that Dage has signed death watch up
    @Barnnhouse You got any guys for this
  • Im glad there is still some interest. We dont have any teams signed up officially yet though. head HERE to build your team and sign up
  • Dage will sign up soon then :)
  • Okay guys. Are we in good shape with this? I see that there is a lot of teams looking for members. Also another Tournament scheduled for the day after ours..
    Is there an appetite for these kind of events?
  • @EVOKnight Wow... none has signed up for my event.
  • To all players participating on Saturday. The official Game Nexus Esports Stream is embedded on the Battlefy page , listed under Streams. This means you can stay on the same page to view updates and scores.
    GX Esports will be providing a shoutcast for this event and have intermissions . We will be taking questions related to the company and future events during intermissions so make sure you join the stream chat.
  • Is there still room to join the tournament or not?
  • Indeed. The tournament is still taking teams right up to the last minute. The issue now is that we have 4 teams and that has locked the bracket. Any teams registering now go on a waiting list until we hit 8 teams ( we have a 5th team on waiting list so we only need 3 more teams). At 8 teams we will have a truly epic bracket.

    The reason we are stopping at either 4 or 8 teams is we do not want odd brackets and have to give " by's"

    so if you register we will only need 2 more teams to have a really great turn out!!!

    Please sign up HERE
  • okay i have two questions. One of my teammates has become unavailable to join the tournament today and i don't know how to change my team. Also, since there is only 6 teams listed up for the tourney, could there be a chance that every team could participate by changing the bracket in some way?
  • We are a Heroes vs Villains clan.. Got anything for us? GT: CBGxKilla
  • I can walk you through to change your roster. In actual fact I am not tracking individual players just teams. So just check in as normal with your replacement player. In future events we will be more militant about individual players but for now its just important that you have a full team.

    I have reached out to the community to see how they feel about an uneven bracket ( which would result in some teams getting a bye) but would allow for all 6 registered teams to participate today. Im okay either way as long as their is no grief either way.

    " KillaE03" we just wrapped a HvV Tournament two weeks ago and we plan on running more so stay tuned.

    Check out info about GX E sports HERE
  • Videos are up for all those who participated and want to check out the full matches . Please go easy on me about the shoutcasting. I'm still getting the hand of it.

    Full Playlist
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