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4th DLC - what if....

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edited June 2016
I love that everybody is speculating about the 4th DLC being Rogue One related, and while that's probably what we will receive what if...

The 4th DLC is Star Wars Rebels related? Kanan or Ezra would make a great hero and The Inquisitor a great villain. On top of that, they could add by The Inquisitor's Tie and The Ghost as bonus hero vehicles!

I know this would only hit a niche Star Wars audience, but I thought I'd make a post about it to see what people think of the idea! Would you enjoy a Star Wars Rebels DLC?


  • DaBeast
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    Its got some potential but I doubt it because of what you said yourself: it would only hit a niche audience.
  • I think that would be cool. I personally would vote for Ahsoka over Kanan or Ezra simply because a two-bladed Form V style would give more variation among the lightsaber wielders.
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