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DLC 4 - Rogue One Inspired OT?

Alright so we know the fourth DLC is going to match up with the release of Rogue One, but honestly I can't see EA shoehorning Donnie Yen into this. He might be badass and the movie might be awesome but you might as well have Sammo Hung or Van Damme for all it'd fit (although seriously thinking about it if they trolled everyone by adding Jean-Claude Van Damme as the final hero I think I'd die of lulz.)

What if the last DLC was Rogue One inspired OT content? Best of both worlds. We know R1 ends right before ANH so maybe we'll end up with worlds, characters and maps related to that story but still OT. Yavin IV, Tantive, one of the rumoured ESB bounty hunter appearances? Possibly even the beach map as a bonus like we got Jakku?

I just thought about this and actually got fairly hype about the possibility. Keep the new faces out of the game but introduce some OT locales that are featured or linked to Rogue One. Thoughts?


  • Yeah I hope that this is what they do. It's a good compromise for going either full OT or full Rogue One
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  • Baseeco
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    If they want to insert some R1 stuff in the game, the best solution seems to release non-R1 heroes alongside locations of the film.
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