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Respawn Entertainment gets it...

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"We'll definitely be supporting Titanfall 2 post-launch, and I can confirm all maps and modes we deliver post-launch will be free. We'll be talking more about post-launch plans closer to release so stay tuned for more info," Wightman explained.

It's great to see more developers adopting this approach to MP game design. VALVe did it with TF2, Tripwire did it with Killing Floor, Blizzard is doing so with Overwatch. I have zero issues with cosmetic micro transactions or paid game boosts (when they can be unlocked normally) when the game is supported with free maps to help keep the community thriving. Hopefully DICE can follow suit with their future games.

With both Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 releasing in Oct, this news helps the former look like a more attractive option. Because you just know DICE will be pushing their season pass and dividing up their community just as they've done before.

Paid map packs are stupid, and I hope one day companies will move past it.
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