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Building a unified Battlefront Competitive scene

Hi everyone. I am currently promoting the Game Nexus E-sports, 2nd Battlefront tournament for this Saturday June 18th.
Looking past that however I see a real passion for competitive play within this community and that is something I believe that the greater video game and E-sport communities have overlooked.
Browsing the internet you will not find that many organizations willing to devote time to hosting tournaments for a game that they believe to be a " casual game"

I beg to differ. Battlefront has the right tools and an abundance of game modes to keep us all engaged for years.
There is a large amount of posts on the forums of players looking for teams and recruiting for clans.

GX Esports is all about games that resonate with gamer's not just AAA games that already have a massive Esport scene.

I am hoping that our 2nd tournament goes well ( we are putting efforts into streaming and shoutcasting these events) and we can continue hosting more and more events. If we grow this properly I'm sure that EA/Dice will take notice and start to support these tournaments in a official capacity albeit maybe just a minor way.
I am even willing to get more community members involved to help with the logistics of doing this ( GX esports is a VERY small team of people)
Thanks for reading and I hope we get a positive response to this

Head over to the Official GX Esports page to see what its all about.


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