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Star Card charges

I personally think you shouldn't be able to go into a match with unlimited Explosive shot or Scan pulse. I a frequent user of it and its just too powerful to be able to activate it for every 2nd gunfight (on average). Just recently despite having the credits I just didn't buy anymore and It was much more fun actually running around grabbing charges and getting to it use it for a short time, I felt like I valued and enjoyed it more. My proposal is be able to buy the charges but only go into small game modes starting with 3 charges and 5 charges for the big game modes.
It would lessen the ES spam that everyone is whinging about and make those type of star cards less of a reliant and more of a bonus. I suggest that, or starting with none and the only ones you can use are the ones you collect, they could add a few more around the maps to collect.
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